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      With our comprehensive quality management and more than ten years¡¯experiences in medical industry and our distributorship of world class medical devices, Fujian Xingzhianda Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.¡¯s professional sales team works closely with you to throughly understand your products,your strategy, and your constraints in order to provide the most ideal sales system for you.

      Our extensive distribution network has covered most of the large medical devices¡¯ dealers in the major cities of China. Our faithful and trustworthy service brings us 100% contract fulfilment rate and satisfaction with our clients.

      We are proactively expanding our business and exploring new opportunities for always. With our good business management, operation ability,profitability and reliable credibility, we are heading to a promising future.

Our history

Ms.Huang Jianyun, the managing director of the company, started the business of importing medical devices.

The predecessor, named Fuzhou Yunxing Medical Devices Co.,Ltd, was founded on July 2004.

The Company was renamed as Fuzhou Xingzhianda Medical Devices Co.,Ltd. It was one of the most excellent dealer in the medical industry in Fujian Province.

The Company was renamed as Fujian Xingzhianda Medical Devices Co.,Ltd. Meanwhile, it began to expand its business nationwide, and successfully obtained sole distributorship in China for several international medical devices¡¯brands.

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